How it Works

If you want to be a SEEKER, here is how it works:
Sign up for a STORYSEEKING account or login with your current STORYSEEKING account using the login link at the top of the page, use the FIND A QUEST link to locate a quest near you and head to the location with your tablet or smartphone.  Read the first chapter of the story from your device and use the map at the end of the chapter or the GPS coordinates to get to the location of the first QuestCache.  Use the clue to help you pinpoint the location and when you find it, enter the password located in the cap of the hidden QuestCache.  When the correct password is entered, the next chapter will appear.
Keep reading the story and using the map or GPS coordinates and clues at the end of the chapters to find the QuestCaches with passwords until the story is finished.
If you want to be a QuestMaster, here is how it works:
YOU:  Submit a short story from the SEND US YOUR STORY link.
US:  Your short story is reviewed by our team, approved and broken into four chapters.  We will email and let you know your story has been accepted and then send you a QuestKit in the mail.  This QuestKit will have 3 QuestCaches with passwords in them and intstructions on how to setup your Quest.
YOU:  Pick a park or urban area to hide your QuestCaches and build your Quest.  You record the GPS coordinates of each the QuestCaches you hide and submit them to us.
US:  We will check your secret QuestCache locations to make sure they are hidden in acceptable areas.  Then we make your quest active on the STORYSEEKING site.
YOU:  Promote your Quest to your friends and the rest of the world (through social media or old school word of mouth).  We will even give you some flyers to hang in your local coffee shop or library.  Later, log back into your STORYSEEKING account and track how many SEEKERS have completed your Quest and enjoy reading and responding to their feedback about your story.